"Two young designers making tailor-made bridal dresses"

We are Isabella and Klarida , two colleagues, but first of all two friends, who share a passion for fashion and style. We met in Rome and formed a friendship that has grown over the years.


After the respective training courses, in two of the most important Italian fashion schools, we decided to dedicate ourselves to this project together, combining our technical skills and our experience.

At the base of our work there is research and the commitment to create something unique and special.


We are people sensitive to environmental issues and, with this project, we want to contribute to a change of mentality in the "disposable" world of the wedding. Ours are sustainable wedding dresses because we try to think and design them with an eye towards the future, so that they can also be used after the ceremony, while maintaining their elegance and beauty.

In addition, ours are quality wedding dresses because in the choice of materials we opt for silk   and because our dresses are made to measure and handcrafted by professional seamstresses.


For us unIKa wants to be the answer to the increasingly felt need to wear an authentic dress that represents each of us on the most important day.


From this conviction comes the choice to create unique tailor- made clothes , starting from the design of the sketch up to the realization of the final garment.






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