Sustainable wedding dresses collection


Capsule Collection 2021

  "Twelve elements to combine with style"  

Collezione abiti da sposa 2021

The name ECLEKTICA comes from the imaginary combination of the Italian word eclectic and the Albanian word eklektic , the same meaning, the same idea.

A term describes the ability to arrive at a harmonious result starting from simple and distinct elements.


Our collection wants to express the same concept, the achievement of the complete beauty of a dress through the union of simple and different garments that, joined together, express their maximum potential.


Our collection contains all the meaning of this word: unite, imagine and dream to create your own tailor-made wedding dress.

Unique and unrepeatable .

ECLEKTICA is a collection that changes the way we see the wedding dress today. A dress with which the bride can feel more natural without losing herself

and its spontaneity.


This is why we have thought of a fresh, youthful and easy to wear line.

A collection that consists of 12 different garments, with which to create your own wedding dress . The uniqueness remains our watchword . Each garment will be made to measure, with the freedom to make variations according to the taste of each bride .


The key word is “to combine with style” . Each combination recalls a different style without losing the harmony between the elements: one more modern and casual, one more elegant and sophisticated and one more classic and romantic.

We always focus on quality and sustainability .


Quality wedding dresses because the main fabrics we use are tulle, crepe satin, crepe de chine, cady and chiffon in pure silk and because our dresses are made to measure and handcrafted by professional seamstresses.


Sustainable wedding dresses because, in the choice of raw materials, we always favor Made in Italy and because our dresses, being made up of several garments, are easily decomposable and reusable.