Klarida Gjoni

"I want to create value in every aspect of my work"

My name is Klarida, but most of people call me  Klara. I am from Albania, but I moved to Italy more then 10 years ago.

When I was young I could spend a lot of my time observing wome's clothes. I loved eveything  about fashion, even at a time when in Albania we didn't have many choices. I remember when my friends and I would pretend to organize a "wedding" and it was funny because most of the time the "bride" was me. 

I started to study Pattern making at the Accademy "Ida Ferri" in Rome in 2011. From that moment my dream became real. I learned  how to do paper patterns, I improved my knowledge of different kinds of fabrics, and finally I could see my creations on the Runway of AltaRoma.

When I finished my studies in 2015 , I took part in others  fashion show and I designed dresses for a few celebrities in Albania.


Now I am involved in this new project with my dear friend Isabella with the main intention to put value in my work and to make all future brides feel unique.