Naturally dyed wedding dresses


Natural dyeing project for wedding dresses in collaboration with the Textile Designer Chiara Leto

A new idea to reuse your wedding dress 

Together with the Textile Designer Chiara Leto , we decided to start this project with the aim of giving brides a different idea to be able to reuse their wedding dress.


Our Concept is to encourage the reuse of the wedding dress and this is a new idea that we would like to propose to our brides.


Why natural dyes? Because  the basis of our concept is the use of only natural fabrics, mainly silk. The issue of environmental protection is very important to us and therefore we want to discourage the use of chemical products.


The first experiment we carried out on a petticoat that was part of a wedding dress, consisting of two pieces (skirt and petticoat). We chose an easy-to-reuse garment completely in silk. The original color was silk white and Chiara decided to dye it by creating shades of color.

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"The dress was dyed with completely natural dyeing materials, such as pomegranate (yellow) , from the tree in the garden where I live, eg avocado hemi (pink) , donated by both Marigold cafe and Coromandel.


The garment was dyed in the countryside of Sabina (RI), in different phases to obtain this result. Shadows which can remind you of a sunrise or a sunset

of the Roman skies.

The beauty of natural colors is their variability and imperfection, which makes us reconsider the idea of perfection to which we are continually subjected. In addition, these are sensitive to light and to the pH of the water and soap that is used for washing "

Chiara Leto

Performance by Federica de Francesco ,
Contemporary dance artist

This project led to another very interesting collaboration with Federica de Francesco , a contemporary dance artist.  

We wanted to give a stronger representation of this concept. So we thought of a performance.  

A few months earlier Federica had contacted us telling us that she would like to collaborate together by creating a performance linked to a dress.

This was the perfect dress. A dress with a story and an idea  to tell.  

We looked for a location where everything could take shape and thanks to the Municipality of Montenero Sabino, we were able to use the beautiful spaces of the Orsini Castle.  

It is said that in life there are sometimes coincidences and we believe that this project was the fruit of many.


It is no coincidence that this dress was dyed in Sabina and then found herself dancing in one of the places of this beautiful land.  

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